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Why do we want Cornish self-determination?

Found this info-graphic on the blog: 50 shades of federalism. The rest of the article can be found here: Is Spain a federal country?

I suppose we could answer that by saying that in any case it's a little less federal today. 

Interesting to note that - even after devolution to Scotland, Wales, London (WTF) and the 6 counties of Northern Ireland - the UK is far from the top of the class when it comes to granting its territories the freedom to be innovative and adaptable, and conferring on them the responsibility of self-reliance. France doesn't even make the list.

In the restricted circles of the Cornish scene debates on what degree of autonomy is required and how to obtain it are the norm. Why not pause for a moment and ask the oft neglected question: Why do we want greater self-determination for Cornwall? Many treat a devolved assembly, independence or some other form of autonomy as ends in themselves. We want greater self-determination, but to determine what and to what end? When all Cornish campaigners can answer that question calmly and with impeccable logic we'll be a little closer to obtaining it. 

Given then that greater autonomy cannot be an end in itself - i.e. once obtained everything will be perfect - what do we want it for? If we cannot use greater home-rule to transform Cornwall and Cornish society why all the effort? Independence and autonomy are tools in the states-persons tool box, so which parts of the Cornish machine are we going to fix with them and how?  I might add if all that is intended by obtaining 'Cornish independence' is to reproduce the same imperfect UK society but on a smaller Cornish scale then you can count me out.