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Do we want to be part of a devonwall?

Do we want to be part of a devonwall run by the likes of South West Water? Or do we want a Cornwall run by people who live and work here in Cornwall, people who put its communities first? The answer seems obvious.

A very pertinent question to be found in blog 4 of a series about Devonwall being developed by Bernard Deacons on his website. Read the first here.


'My struggle is your struggle’: Creating a convergence of struggles across anti-discrimination movements

As the world gets smaller and smaller with globalisation and the spread of ever-increasing forms of communication, we have never been more connected. We have more information at our fingertips and more opportunities for collaboration and common action than ever before. Campaigns such as “Black Lives Matter” show how rights activists now have more tools and spaces at their disposal for creating awareness around issues of discrimination and bringing dozens of organisations and millions of people together around a common cause. This provides fertile ground for building a real convergence of struggles across anti-discrimination movements, but that also requires us to align our priorities and question and change our way of doing things.

Cornouailles - l’histoire de la résurrection d’une langue

Cornouailles - l’histoire de la résurrection d’une langue

La Cornouailles est une des six Nations de langue celtique et en est la deuxième plus petite communauté après l’île de Man. Ne disposant pas de la même reconnaissance que les autres peuples celtiques du Royaume-Uni, ils ont pourtant réussi le pari de « ressusciter » leur langue.  Cornouailles - Eurominority


Letters to lobby against Devonwall - AVAILABLE HERE