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The Cornish, state housing policy and the FCPNM

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Stag - the Breton app

Connect to the closest bretons (and/or Breton speaker) everywhere in the world! Kav ar vrezhonegerez pe ar brezhoneger a zo an tostañ dit, e Breizh, er bed a-bezh ha memes e Bro-C’hall ! Connecte-toi aux Bretons les plus proches de toi partout dans le monde !

Stag is an new app for Google and Apple phones that allows you to hook up with the Bretons, and lovers of Brittany, that are nearest to you. The idea is that you download the app which then allows you to contact with the other users that are in your vicinity. Users are welcome to chat in Breton, English or French  (perhaps even Cornish and Welsh).

Visit the website to download the app here: Stag

Whether you are going to Brittany or want to make Bretons feel welcome in Cornwall, this app will help. There site suggest that you can use their app to: find work, a place to stay, have a night out or just chat. Perhaps a similar app for the Cornish, and then a federated app for the Celtic nations together, would be ideas for those looking for a projects to develop. If you're Cornish and you love Brittany then get this app for your smart phone.

 A world map of Stag users