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Westminster has failed Cornwall! LibLabCon have failed the Cornish!

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This data was produced by Eurostat, the data agency of the European Union. They measured GDP per head in regions across the EU, taking into account the different prices in different regions. The full data is available here. We have classed the countries listed above as ‘Northern Europe’ because they are our nearest geographical neighbours and are commonly considered to have similar levels of prosperity as the UK (unlike countries in Southern Europe or the former Soviet Bloc). As members of the EU, Eurostat provides comparable data for each of these countries.


Economic Value of [Cornish] Culture


Yes Scotland: dalc’h an dizalc’hiezh


Ma teu bro-Skos da vezañ dizalc’h, petra a vezo graet gant an eoul-maen, al lur Sterling hag Unaniezh Europa ? Er vandennad-treset "Yes Scotland" omp bet oc’h ober un tamm tro en Highlands, dastumet hon eus soñjoù ha goulennoù ar Skosiz. P’emañ bro-Skos o vont gant un hent disheñvel, hag istorel. Setu pezh a zispleg deomp Keith Dixon, kelenner war sevenadur Breizh-Veur.