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An update on English regionalism

The Yorkshire Devolution Movement now has a new website and seem to be managing to get increasing press coverage.

The Yorkshire Devolution Movement is an independent pressure group set up in 2012 to campaign for a directly elected regional assembly for Yorkshire. It has no party political affiliations but is open to working with those who share our aims.

A new regionalist political party - Yorkshire First - has been created in time for the EU elections.

Yorkshire has a larger population than Scotland and an economy twice the size of Wales, but with the powers of neither. We support the devolving of powers to the least centralised authority capable of addressing those matters effectively – within Yorkshire, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Devolve Deliver is a grass-roots campaign from Labour members. 

The UK is one of the most centralised countries in the developed world. This holds us back. Join our campaign to devolve powers to regions and local areas and help us all deliver a better future.  

Northumbria People is a regionalist blog from Hilton Dawson. There is talk of a new Northumbrian party in the offing.

Why is the North East expected to make do with some sort of hotch-potch, spatchcock, papering over the cracks instead of having real power, real devolution, real democracy here ?

Autonomous England  started out as Mercian regionalists on Facebook only to change name later.

Autonomous England is a loose confederation of activists who seek to radically alter the way England is run, both democratically and economically. We aim to create an England which is not ruled from outside or above but instead governed by its people, regardless of their race, gender, creed or sexual orientation.

To keep an eye on all such developments, as well as older more established regionalists, I've set up this twitter list imaginatively named: Regionalists

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