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Yes Kernow

In the run up to the referendum on Scottish independence, and to show support for Scottish self-determination, the name of this blog has been changed to Yes Kernow.

We would like to invite comments and articles from those interested in the futures of both Cornwall and Scotland. The independence referendum - won or lost - will have many ramifications for the governance of the rest of the UK and, therefore, Kernow.

Let's ensure Cornwall's voice is heard in the forthcoming debate on the future of the UK.


Wealth inequality in the United Kingdom and Cornwall's solution

Just a few words to add that this inequality is undoubtedly due, in part, to the centralisation of the UK in and around England's capital city. Being run as an English county with decisions that count for us taken in distant uncaring London has seen Cornwall become one of the poorest regions in the European Union qualifying successively for Objective one and Convergence funding. Time to change direction I think.

Almost all modern democracies have decided to decentralise power in one form or another and produce units of democracy smaller than that of the so called nation-state. From the states of America, through the lander of Germany to the devolved nations of the UK; power should no longer be the express privilege of those residing in state capitals.

Democratic empowerment, economic regeneration and the protection of cultural specificities are the generally recognised benefits provided by regional autonomy. So the question is why devolve power to Cornwall and not some larger South West or Devonwall region. For regional autonomy to work you need a collective sense of destiny. You need an identity for the region you wish to devolve power to. If Prescott's North East government zone had had a little more pertinence to peoples actual identities then perhaps the outcome of the referendum would have followed those of Scotland and Wales. The Cornish exist and an increasing number of people in the Duchy, and beyond, are ready to affirm their national identity as Cornish rather than English or British.

A Chinese eclipse

So China has sent a probe to the Moon. An impressive feet and I salute the men and women of reason whose dedication and genius made it possible. 

However when you control 1.35 billion - dozens of nations and languages - with a totalitarian state allowing the ruling elite to centralise wealth and dispose of it as they see fit then things seem a little less impressive. 

Much harder would be to achieve the democratic assent of a majority of citizens to pursue a space exploration programme.


Two things to do today for Cornwall

Two things to do that won't take more than 5 minutes! How could you possibly not bother. 

1) Petitioning The UK Prime Minister and Cabinet to create a Cornish Assembly.  

 Sign this petition - Create a Cornish Assembly - and then circulate it to everyone you know.

A law-making Assembly for Cornwall 

Cornwall is an historic nation with its own identity, culture, traditions and language. We believe the people of Cornwall have the same democratic right to self-determination as the residents of Scotland and Wales. 

In 2001, over 50,000 individual declarations calling for a Cornish Assembly were presented to 10 Downing Street. But the Government, which had delivered devolution settlements to Scotland and Wales, ignored the declarations and refused to consider demands for greater powers for Cornwall. 

Cornwall deserves better. 

It is our view that the unequal constitutional relationship between the various nations and regions of the UK need to be addressed. And we believe that this should include meaningful devolution to Cornwall. We call on central government to work with the people of Cornwall to formulate a detailed proposal for a law-making Cornish Assembly, which can then be put to the electorate in a binding referendum. 

Call for Cornish National Minority Status.

2) This is inspired by a mail received from  the Cornish branch of the Celtic League: As a result of our many communications, at 3:46 p.m. today, Monday 25th November, 2013, Stephen Gilbert MP asked Westminster Government Ministers when the Cornish, with their own language, identity and culture, will be included in the Council of Europe's framework convention for the protection of national minorities (FCNM). We have thanked him and this forms but part of our ongoing Campaign! Please continue to email your representatives be they MPs, MEPs, Lords or Councillors with this simple message and encourage anyone who cares about Cornwall and her people to join us and to do the same!: "I support the call for the British Government to allow the Council of Europe's Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities to be applied to the Cornish people." Your MP and other elected representatives can be emailed free from here: https://www.writetothem.com/

Read more on the Cornish national minority here: The 2nd Cornish Minority Report prepared for the UK government and the Council of Europe's secretariat for the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.