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Who hates our languages?

Cornwall Councillors might care to ask their fellow UKIP members why that party's MEPs voted against the Endangered Languages and Linguistic Diversity motion on Wednesday. UKIP friends of Cornwall and the Cornish? I don't think so.............   

The above comments from a Cornishman are quite valid. Of the tiny minority - 26 - who voted against the protection of endangered languages and linguistic diversity in the European parliament we find our Ukip MEPs. Details of the motion presented by the Corsican MEP François Alfonsi of the European Free Alliance , an EU party that includes Mebyon kernow, can be found here: Corsican MEP battles for Europe to protect endangered languages. The full list of those who voted against can be found below:

United Kingdom
Nigel FARAGE Ukip 

Marielle GALLO Union des Démocrates Indépendents
Dominique RIQUET Parti Radical

Jean-Pierre AUDY Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP)

Philippe de VILLIERS Mouvement pour la France 
Bruno GOLLNISCH Front National (FN)

Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON Front de Gauche

Lucas HARTONG Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV)
Daniël van der STOEP Ex PVV now independent 

The full results can be found here:  VoteWatch Europe: European Parliament, Council of the EU. What to say other than the French and British right / far-right have confirmed their hostility towards minority languages and linguistic diversity. Bravo also to the very nationalist Mr Mélenchon - far-left - who found such admirable company to keep. It should be noted that Mr Mélenchon is in the same European political group as Sinn Féin. I hope they are averted as to how their partner from France voted. Equally amongst those who abstained from voting we find a high number of French MEP's from the right-wing UMP, Nick Griffin (no introductions needed) and Mr Mélonchon's collegue Jacky Hénin.

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