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Cornish Reunited | Sharing our Cornish ancestry

Cornish Reunited aims to connect people with their pasts, through the medium of sharing. There are no less than 12 million people around the world of Cornish descent. Between 1861 and 1901, an estimated 250,000 Cornish left their homeland in search of a better life.

Stories and images of the Cousins Jack and Jennies have been passed down through the ages, mixed with tales of their descendants. Yet what comes of these tales and images of our ancestors? Many are stored in boxes and kept in memories, perhaps never to be widely shared. As people age and fade, the stories they harbour fade with them.

This website wants Cornish people to share not only their stories, but old pictures of people and places and new pictures of artifacts.

When researching family trees, it is pleasing to have a name, a date of birth, a record of marriage and the list of offspring. Yet what of the personalities of these lost relatives? Their achievements, struggles, joys and, perhaps, shortcomings? These are the links that put the leaves on the family trees.

Your stories, however small, are the missing links in the social fabric of the stories of relatives and friends. Please share these stories here and take please in reading the stories of others.

This website was created by Nigel Pengelly, former editor of the Cornish culture and heritage magazine Cornish World and is free to use. Nigel has travelled to Canada, Australia, USA, England and the Isle of Man speaking at Cornish and Celtic events noting the amount of knowledge that people have of other people’s lives.

It’s time this knowledge was shared before it is too late…

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