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The metropolitanisation of gains, the nationalisation of losses

The metropolitanisation of gains, the nationalisation of losses | openDemocracy: The prosperous South East can no longer afford to subsidise the rest of the United Kingdom. Or so runs the conventional wisdom. The facts, on the other hand, are rushing headlong in the opposite direction.


The Cornish perspective on the Scottish Independence Referendum

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A community bank for Cornwall


Who hates our languages?

Cornwall Councillors might care to ask their fellow UKIP members why that party's MEPs voted against the Endangered Languages and Linguistic Diversity motion on Wednesday. UKIP friends of Cornwall and the Cornish? I don't think so.............   

The above comments from a Cornishman are quite valid. Of the tiny minority - 26 - who voted against the protection of endangered languages and linguistic diversity in the European parliament we find our Ukip MEPs. Details of the motion presented by the Corsican MEP François Alfonsi of the European Free Alliance , an EU party that includes Mebyon kernow, can be found here: Corsican MEP battles for Europe to protect endangered languages. The full list of those who voted against can be found below:

United Kingdom
Nigel FARAGE Ukip 

Marielle GALLO Union des Démocrates Indépendents
Dominique RIQUET Parti Radical

Jean-Pierre AUDY Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP)

Philippe de VILLIERS Mouvement pour la France 
Bruno GOLLNISCH Front National (FN)

Jean-Luc MÉLENCHON Front de Gauche

Lucas HARTONG Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV)
Daniël van der STOEP Ex PVV now independent 

The full results can be found here:  VoteWatch Europe: European Parliament, Council of the EU. What to say other than the French and British right / far-right have confirmed their hostility towards minority languages and linguistic diversity. Bravo also to the very nationalist Mr Mélenchon - far-left - who found such admirable company to keep. It should be noted that Mr Mélenchon is in the same European political group as Sinn Féin. I hope they are averted as to how their partner from France voted. Equally amongst those who abstained from voting we find a high number of French MEP's from the right-wing UMP, Nick Griffin (no introductions needed) and Mr Mélonchon's collegue Jacky Hénin.


Tax Evasion

A global super-rich elite has exploited gaps in cross-border tax rules to hide an extraordinary £13 trillion ($21tn) of wealth offshore – as much as the American and Japanese GDPs put together – according to research commissioned by the campaign group Tax Justice Network. (Article here)

A far-reaching new study suggests a staggering $21tn in assets has been lost to global tax havens. If taxed, that could have been enough to put parts of Africa back on its feet – and even solve the euro crisis. (Article here)

The Tax Justice Network - Tackle Tax Havens - Treasure Islands

Next time someone extols the benefits of tightening our collective belts in these times of economic hardship and/or suggests that illegal/legal immigrants (do they even know the difference?) and benefits scroungers are bankrupting the UK then please feel free to point out some important home truths. Undoubtedly the populist nationalist right and their lackeys in the UK press would love us all to keep our eyes off the ball and continue searching for some ragged scapegoat or other but they are a drop in the ocean compared to the tax evasion of the super rich and large corporations. If there is one issue that could unite the left across various ideological frontiers then surely tax evasion is it.  

In Cornwall we have our very own tax haven but it only seems to work for one man. The extract below is taken form John Kirkhopes The Duchy of Cornwall - A Very Peculiar Private Estate.

Firstly it should be noted that the Duke of Cornwall is entitled to the income of the Duchy but not the capital.

Next, in the report issued by the House of Commons in 2005 it was stated: “In accordance with normal practice the Duchy is not subject to tax as it is not a separate legal entity for tax purposes. However, His Royal Highness is subject to income tax on the Duchy’s net income.”

The statement is surprising and difficult to understand. Effectively, the Duchy is exempt from capital gains tax and presumably inheritance tax. Asset sales, on which capital gains tax may potentially have been due, have totalled £123 million since 2001. Presumably this considerable benefit makes the task of running a ‘well managed’ private estate much easier.

It is in this regard that the Duchy website is misleading. It states: “The Prince of Wales already pays income tax on the Duchy’s surplus.”

He does not. He pays voluntarily an amount equal to the income tax he would have paid if he had been liable.

In reply to a question from the public accounts committee Mr Ross stated: “The Prince pays tax on a voluntary basis in exactly the same way as any other taxpayers.”

I don’t know how many of us pay tax on a voluntary basis.

The Duchy enjoys a highly privileged tax status unique to a ‘private estate’. In accordance with ‘normal practice’ it does not pay capital gains tax or inheritance tax and income tax is paid on a voluntary basis. The last figures published show the Duke’s income from the Duchy was £16 million. His voluntary contribution, equal to the income tax, would be £3 million.For completeness sake the Duchy does pay VAT. 


Cornish Reunited | Sharing our Cornish ancestry

Cornish Reunited aims to connect people with their pasts, through the medium of sharing. There are no less than 12 million people around the world of Cornish descent. Between 1861 and 1901, an estimated 250,000 Cornish left their homeland in search of a better life.

Stories and images of the Cousins Jack and Jennies have been passed down through the ages, mixed with tales of their descendants. Yet what comes of these tales and images of our ancestors? Many are stored in boxes and kept in memories, perhaps never to be widely shared. As people age and fade, the stories they harbour fade with them.

This website wants Cornish people to share not only their stories, but old pictures of people and places and new pictures of artifacts.

When researching family trees, it is pleasing to have a name, a date of birth, a record of marriage and the list of offspring. Yet what of the personalities of these lost relatives? Their achievements, struggles, joys and, perhaps, shortcomings? These are the links that put the leaves on the family trees.

Your stories, however small, are the missing links in the social fabric of the stories of relatives and friends. Please share these stories here and take please in reading the stories of others.

This website was created by Nigel Pengelly, former editor of the Cornish culture and heritage magazine Cornish World and is free to use. Nigel has travelled to Canada, Australia, USA, England and the Isle of Man speaking at Cornish and Celtic events noting the amount of knowledge that people have of other people’s lives.

It’s time this knowledge was shared before it is too late…

About | Cornish Reunited


Un déficit d'enseignants bilangue mais pourqoui?

Rentrée Diwan : un déficit d'enseignants - Je lis souvent que Diwan manque d'enseignants mais il faut dire que la filière ne facilite pas la vie à ceux qui sont prêt a travailler. BAC + 3, niveaux B 1 / 2 Breton, natif des Cornouailles britannique, dix ans d’enseignement à mon actif, je suis très motivé pour travailler comme professeur d'anglais suppléant dans les écoles, collèges et lycées Diwan. Jusqu'à présent Diwan m'a offert un poste de surveillant à presque 100 bornes de chez moi. 

Si Diwan pense que nous devons quitter nos maisons pour suivre une formation à Quimper, puis déménager pour une autre ville en Bretagne pour remplir un poste, sans oublier d'avoir, entre temps, appris le breton et tout ça pour une salaire bas il y a effectivement une problème qui n'est pas prés d'être réglé...

Lowender Peran