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Ukip's Scott Blandford squirms

A couple of months ago now I shared, via Radio Free Cornwall on Twitter, this article from Hope not Hate concerning a homophobic rant by a Ukip member ( @BrightonPatriot ): UKIP Homophobia

Shortly after Cornwall Ukips Scott Blandford jumped to the defence of his BNP-in-a-blazer buddy from Brighton with the words: "Don't worry about the Republican, Laurence. Their idea of Cornish autonomy is flawed...and I'm Cornish"

When asked if Scott and Cornwall Ukip supported such disgusting homophobia - apart from some vague threats of legal action - I have to date received no response. Draw your own conclusions.


La Cornouailles et la Bretagne : Même Combat !

La Cornouailles et la Bretagne : Même Combat !

Help fund a Cornish language radio website


The Cornish language is an ancient Celtic language with close links to Welsh and Breton and more distant links with Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx. The language was very nearly lost in the 1800s, but a revival began at the end of the nineteenth century. The revival has picked up pace and now there are hundreds of people speaking Cornish, with thousands having some knowledge.

The Cornish language (Kernewek) is an essential part of Cornwall's cultural distinctiveness - something that is of high value for business. Radyo an Gernewegva is a pod-cast weekly radio programme that aims to boost fluency to strengthen that distinctiveness.

Have a listen to one of our weekly programmes here: Click link

We want to engage with you to get help in building a new website for the pod-cast. We would like a site that looks good and is interactive. The site will also be one that connects seamlessly with social media. We have very little control over our current site and we have outgrown it. To build a new one, we need £5000. This sum of money would allow us to pay for a professional to give us a professional design. We would also like to make sure it works well with SEO and attracts people to the language. Some of the money would also pay for man-hours in development time. 

As anyone who works with the web knows, getting a professional and exciting website takes a lot of time and money - both things we have not had in abundance. We would love you to help us make that change.




Bloody foreigners! Coming over here...


Local Works

A group of Cornwall councillors want to give citizens the right to recall councillors who have "seriously breached the Code of Conduct". 

This would mean that a councillor who had broken the rules would be forced to stand for re-election before their term of office ended, giving local people far greater power to hold their politicians to account. 

The Sustainable Communities Act gives people and local councils the right to work together to submit proposals to central government to help communities tackle the problems they face. If the Council were to propose the right to recall under the Sustainable Communities Act, central government could not ignore this request. 

Can you take a few moments to write to your councillor(s), asking them to propose a right to recall under the Sustainable Communities Act? To get started, fill in your details by clicking on this link: Local Works

Please note you can select Cornwall as your country.