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Regional language campaigners denounce France to UNESCO

Regional language campaigners denounce France - Features - Al Jazeera English: Basque, Catalan, Alsatian and Corsican speakers deliver petition to UNESCO in Paris asking for "cultural asylum".

It's worth noting that Frances Jean-luc Mélenchon - the darling of the alternative left in the UK - is as hostile to these linguistic minorities as is Frances far-right Marine le Pen.

The attacks by Mélenchon on projects to protect minority languages and his misrepresentations of language campaigners, and even the languages themselves, leave nothing to be envied by the far-right. A very small selection of his nonsense can be found here on 7 Seizh (French).

To give you an example of the intolerance within the French state towards its regional languages I've included a map that was published in 2003 in a Geography manual destined for French colleges. The map marks the regions where there is a risk of 'repli identitaire', in other words xenophobia and cultural isolationism.

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