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Far-right confusion

1) The English Defence League - Cornwall Division (Kernow), committed to protecting Cornish communities and not at all racist or English supremacist, is run in part by Dorsets Tim Ablitt who also happens to be a member of the extreme-right British Freedom party. The other EDL organisers for Cornwall being Kieron Hallet and Jennie Maynard. So not really very Cornish, English or British then - just racist.

2) Recently Brittany's administrative capital Rennes a member of the extreme-right  Jeune Bretagne was seen keeping company - engaging in acts of vandalism and violence - with members of Jeunesse Nationaliste, a French neo-nazi organisation hostile to all forms of regionalism and 'regional' languages. Amazingly Jeune Bretagne claim to want to defend Breton culture and obtain regional autonomy.  So, Breton or French then? See above for the appropriate response.

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