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Bursting Labour bubbles.

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Following this sloppily thrown together conjecture by English Labours Adam Cickett perhaps its time to remind Eltham's Adam of a couple of things:

1) Labour are not a socialist party. They are not even social democrats. The best we can say about them is that they are social liberals. Take for example this:  Praising Tony Blair and criticising Ralph Miliband, the Labour leader said the choice was not between socialism and capitalism but "responsible" and "irresponsible" capitalism. 

2) If supposed yet-to-be-proved cooperation between one MK councillor and the Tories is enough to discredit MK and cast the party as a right-wing then, following this revelation, I wait with anticipation Adams resignations from Labour. Oh yes Adam! Your irreproachable left-wing - snigger - Labour party is in coalition with Ukip. That's right Adam - people like this! Adam quite correctly is a gay rights campaigner - good on him for that - but what does he think of his party being in coalition then with these outright homophobes from Ukip? 

But is any of this a surprise we can ask ourselves when we see the kind of people Labour will accept into its ranks.

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