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Being different

I'm sure that in the days to come we will have some more detailed analysis of the Cornish elections, but that's not what this short post is about. 

Politically speaking, the varying numbers of Lib Dem, Labour, Conservative, Ukip or Independent councillors in Kernow don't go to make us stand out from the crowd of English counties. What makes Cornish political life different - and therefore infinity more interesting - is Mebyon Kernow, and today we have one more Cornwall councillor

I know for a fact that many a Cornwall councillor will be secretly pleased that MK has maintained its presence, and grown, even if they, personally, have made the choice to pursue their own political careers in one of the mainstream UK parties. They are fully aware of what makes the Cornish political scene different even if they themselves don't have the stomach to take risks. 

My sincere congratulations to our four elected MK councillors and the people that helped it happen. Well done to all those that aided Cornwall affirm its difference and find its voice against the London hegemony. 

To those that didn't get elected this time around, but who fought their campaigns with dignity and integrity, you have done us proud. Now build on what you have started and ensure that Cornwall's voice can be heard above those that defend the interests of the London establishment and its lackeys. Time to shout louder perhaps.

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