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Labour attempts to misrepresent Mebyon Kernow

How should an election be fought? When a candidate knocks on your door do you want to hear facts or do you prefer good old mudslinging?

Of course nobody wants to stand on their doorstep and hear a long list of of facts and figures that are often of questionable origins and if you are unfortunately anything like me with a low attention span when someone starts quoting 'facts', you end up grinning like an an idiot nodding your head vigorously and hoping that you're not going to be asked any questions afterwards.

This gets more complicated when the candidate starts dropping hints and accusations about another candidate.I was contacted by a friend last week from Penzance who had a canvasser representing Tim Dwelly (Twitter) the Labour candidate for Penzance East knock at his door,during the brief conversation my friend mentioned that he was thinking of voting Mebyon Kernow but he hadn't made up his mind, he was then reliably informed by the Labour canvasser that MK were a right wing party with views closer to the EDL or BNP.

Now of course that is complete and utter nonsense and to be fair many candidates from all parties across Cornwall would complain of similar tricks by their rivals, in fact its probably one of the oldest political games ,but it does illustrate if a candidate can stand on your doorstep look you in the face and lie confidently about another candidate how do we know they won't be standing in the council chamber one day lying about the impact of a housing development or a cut in public services?

Political integrity does not start once a candidate is elected ,if a party or independents policies are strong enough they should not feel the need to resort to low tricks,most people want to hear a candidates policies and what makes them different to their rivals put as succinctly and honestly as possible.

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