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Developments in English regionalism

Following an original post  - The Wonderful Chaos that is English Regionalism - here is a quick look at some recent developments.

Yorkshire - After a promising start the Yorkshire Independence campaign (pro-devolution in reality) appears to have died a silent death. On the other hand a new Yorkshire Devolution Movement has sprung up and recuperated some of the former members of YI. YDM have produced a new blog, facebook page and twitter account that are all in need of a little tidying up but still seem promising.

Northumbria - The various facebook pages are long silent and, with its internet presence at zero, the Northumbrian Party seems to have vanished. Nothing but silence? Not quite. I've just stumbled across the New Northumbria blog. On the whole though no one seems to want to organise for Northumbria. The Wessex Regionalists describe the situation well in their blog post - Our Friends in the North.

While they seem hopelessly bound to the one nation (i.e British state-nationalists) Labour Party I will still give mention to the Hannah Mitchell Foundation. A Labour/socialist think-tank that supports devolution to the North of England. Sadly, when contacted concerning Cornish and grass-roots English devolution their responses was not just a little cold. Due to their proximity with Labour, perhaps the artificial government zones, including the South West region, are their preferred framework for devolution.

Both the UK Libertarian Party and European Federalist Party have given assurances that they support regionalism within the UK and England itself.

The original post can be found here.

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