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Can we empower Cornwall with the Sustainable Communities Act?

On 16th April, Cornwall Council will be voting on the future of the Sustainable Communities Act in Cornwall. The Act radically changes the way local people can relate to central government, allowing us to address community decline through a bottom-up process. The Act can make local ideas for how to reverse community decline in Cornwall a reality.

This can only happen if Cornwall Council uses the Act though. If the motion fails, people in Cornwall would be prevented from using the Act and would not be able to use its considerable powers to fight community decline. On 16th April, they will be voting to decide whether to use the Act. Can you spare five minutes to write to the leaders of all party groups in Cornwall Council asking that they vote in favour?

It is vitally important that Cornwall Council use the Sustainable Communities Act. This has to happen in order to enable local people to propose measures to central government which could help address--and reverse--social, economic, community and environmental decline in Cornwall. Central government cannot just ignore these proposals. They have a duty to negotiate to make your proposals happen. There has never been a mechanism in law like this but it only gets unlocked for local people if the council vote in favour.

Using the Sustainable Communities Act can only benefit Cornwall. We’re asking for a few minutes of your time to help make sure this happens. Please can you help us today?

We appreciate your help.
Many thanks,
Steve Shaw,
National coordinator, Local Works

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