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A new world is emerging under the rusted structures of the nation-state

Catalonia, Scotland, Quebec, Flanders, the Basque Country may soon be sovereign and independent states. 

The process of breaking up the large Western states into ecologically and socially meaningful political communities may have just started and could lead to a more democratic and sustainable world system. 

In Habitat: The Ecopolitical Nation, the Catalan author Ignasi Ribó develops a new and original theory of the nation, in order to show that there is indeed a real alternative to the model of the nation-state and to the modern project of building increasingly larger states. 

The habitat-nation, founded on the inhabitants' deliberate choice of living together and on the ecoliberal principles of justice, could well be the theoretical framework for this new world that is just starting to emerge, both in Europe and in America.

Find the book here: Habitat the ecopolitical nation

Some others books of interest that can be found free of charge on Google books are:

Internal Colonialism - The Celtic fringe in British national development, 1536 - 1966, Michael Hechter.

The Dynamic of Secession, Viva Ona Bartkus.

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