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A new left party or just another left party?

Ken Loach has called for the creation of a new party to unify the various factions of the UK's radical left. You can read about the project here on the Left Unity blog: Sign up to support Ken Loach’s appeal

When you look at the list of left-wing parties and groups in the UK then you'll quickly understand that there's work to be done. Various tiny groups and individuals squabbling over arid ideological differences - dogmatically loyal to this or that socialist theorist - they strike me as captains who'd rather go down with their little boats rather than accept any form of compromise that might (wake up!) get them somewhere.

On a more superficial level the trend for the symbolic of 19th and 20th century revolutionary movements does them no favours either. If you want to take power in the 21st century - it's not a fancy dress party - dressing up as Lenin or the Che is not going to convince anybody.

That being said however, when Labour continues lurching to the right, what choice is left? Fortunately in Cornwall, Wales and Scotland alternative left-wing parties exist. Mebyon Kernow is there and waiting for all those who wish to build the alternative left in the Duchy. In England however everything remains to be created. 

I've blogged about unity in the past. My efforts can be found here: To reform the UK state we need a democratic green alliance.

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