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English Green party leader is coming to speak to the Cornish

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett giving a lecture at Tremough next month. This is an excellent opportunity for Mebyon Kernow, Celtic League and others to go along and question our allies as to their position on devolution and the Cornish question in general. 

MK, via the European Free Alliance, is allied with the Green Party for England and Wales (what about Kernow) via the EFA/Green European parliamentary group. Equally, in 2005, MK and the Greens had an alliance for the general election, the Greens supporting calls for Cornish devolution.

I'd also add that thanks to an electoral pact with Europe Ecologie - Les Verts (French Greens) the Breton autonomists UDB won councillors to the regional council of Brittany and obtained a fantastic score for the European elections. Now I know that in the UK things are not the same, not the least of which is the electoral system, but it's still food for thought.

Ideas for an alliance then. 

In the forth coming council elections, when both an MK and Green run in the same ward, then so be it. MK should show no mercy and let the best candidate win. However in wards where only a Green is running -no MK candidate - then why not allow for the Greens electoral material to carry a clear endorsement from MK, and, vice versa, when there is only an MK candidate - no Green candidate - then our electoral material could carry a clear endorsement from the Greens. This negotiated with a renewed and clear call for Cornish devolution from the Greens.

Of course MK need to try and stand as many candidates as it can in as many wards as possible but, where this is not possible, then why not have an agreement of mutual support with the party that perhaps we have the most in common with?

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Anonymous said...

An interesting idea. I think both parties could gain credibility and exposure from such a move. Within Cornwall I feel (so completely without evidence) that the parties have a similar standing. In a separate point, is not the best way to raise exposure to be out in the street leafleting, pushing the MK case in public debates? I'd love to see an increased public presence for MK.