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Sovereignty and the national question

The British media's sidelining of Scotland and its referendum is part of a history in which questions of nationality are smothered by the UK establishment. Today, it is increasingly clear that popular sovereignty is incompatible with the UK state. Yet avoidance is still the name of the 'British' game.

A great article found amongst many others in the - Re-birth of Nation? - series from OpenDemocracy. This disregard for popular sovereignty by successive UK governments should of course be no surprise for the Cornish movement.

In 2002 a grass-roots campaign in Cornwall collected a petition of 50,000 signatures calling for a Cornish assembly. The New Labour government of the period decided to throw the petition in the bin and push ahead with devolution to their artificial government zones - a project we now know was doomed to failure.

Government after government, rather than giving us more democracy, have preferred to ignore us and, worse, leave Cornwall intertwined with the feudal relic that is the Duchy.

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