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Gordon Brown’s Pro-union speech should leave Cornish in no doubt

Gordon Brown’s Pro-union speech should leave the Cornish in no doubt. He states: "We have guaranteed that no matter whether you are Scottish English Welsh or Irish you will have not just the same political rights but the same economic and social rights- to health care, to the same level of child benefit, to minimum wage, and to pensions".

It should be as clear as day to all in Cornwall now. For the Labour hierarchy the Cornish do not exist. We have no rights other than to be a subset of English. Our collective cultural rights as a national minority within the UK are ignored and our economy and environment are ruined for the benefit of the home counties and their residents. The only right we do seem to have is that to be exploited by one of the UK's feudal relics.

None of this comes as a surprise though. Cornwall doesn't vote Labour and so they have little interest in flattering our national identity.

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