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All Catalan now.

We are Catalan and we want independence!

Here's another image of multiculturalism in action that will have both far-right thugs and cynical state-nationalists choking on their cereal I hope.

Stateless nations, in this instance Catalonia, can welcome immigrants and their descendants as parts of their diverse societies. This is an image that simply will not compute in the minds of various 'anti-fascist' organisations so intimately bound as they are to the state-nationalisms (imperialisms) of previous centuries.  

Our Cornish, Scottish and Welsh societies and identities can be as welcoming and open as Britishness or Englishness, tainted as they are by previous centuries of imperialism and cultural supremacism. It's our choice. Don't let anybody, certainly not British state-nationalists, try and tell you otherwise. They are playing a cynical game of faux anti-racism fuelled by British nationalism.

Below is a blog on a similar theme from the Breton Connection.

Now that's multicultural for you. An interview in a national minority language (Breton) about a traditional music event with a couple of black musicians wiping the floor with the competition in the background. 

Not the kind of thing you'd find on the websites of the various anti-fascist state-nationalist organisations that seem to be two-a-penny in the UK, France, Spain etc. 

In their defence of the old imperialist states - institutionally intolerant of their original national minorities as well as any other minority group that menaces the establishments hold on power - these anti-racist organisations seem at times more part of the problem than any kind of solution.

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