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Proud to be British?

Hope not hate are looking for your feedback again following the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. You can send then you thoughts here: HOPE not hate | Proud to be British? 

Ty Gwyr Gweryn sent back the following. I hope it inspires others to comment.

Dear Nick, 

Many thanks for your latest email and I must certainly confess to supporting the concept of Hope not Hate. However, I have to do this from a position where my own identity is officially suppressed by lies and propaganda, by the Crown, and State, as to where I fit into the scheme of things.

I consider myself to be first and foremost a Cornishman. It is a historical identity, and nationality, that I have to constantly defend against those that arrogantly deny as existing, or ever existing. This is because of a clear case of collusion between past Monarchs and Dukes of Cornwall that have suppressed the true constitutional status of Cornwall as a Royal Duchy and by some illegal chicanery reduced the status of Cornwall to a de facto administrative English county. Whilst instituted in the past. it is a process, which can only be equated to a process of Cornish Genocide, that is being perpetrated today by the two people that are currently holding those constitutional positions and institutionalised by the actions of 'The State'. 

Am I proud to be British? NO! I am proud to be Cornish. 'British' is not a national identity, it is a citizenship of a multi-national State. An Imperial political construct that by its very nature seeks to undermine the indigenous nations of this Island. Its existing constitution is hegemonic and flawed and requires re-addressing to make it fair and equitable to all in an open and transparent way. Let me reinforce my position that I do not Hate, but the actions of 'the State' towards the Cornish people and nation, do not lead me to think of it kindly. 

There is a lot that I could say, but would serve no useful purpose, but there were a number of references that exposed the Anglocentric outpourings of the event to reflect more this Sceptred Isle than Britain. With regard to the Olympics as an event: I have every regard for sports people and athletes and what they can offer the world and I wish that everyone of the participants may achieve the best that they are able. All the hype I find quite disingenuous, but probably necessary. 

I wish you and Hope not Hate well, but there is a lot of ground to cover.

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