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Is Cornish nationalism a joke?

As Mebyon Kernow party leader has pointed out Cornwall is to be totally ignored when the House of Lords is reformed. This follows hot on the heals of the Devonwall constituency, Devonwall police commissioner, a South West Euro-constituency and a long list of other assaults on our identity and territorial integrity. 

Whilst some nationalists get dewy eyed about the flying of a Cornish flag on the Queens barge, which might or might not have been some kind of recognition, in reality we are getting screwed in a way no nation should tolerate. Which begs the question....

None of this would have happened in Wales or Scotland. Why? The sobering response is because Cornish nationalism, and hence the Cornish nation, are ultimately ignorable. Not enough people from Cornwall are prepared to invest their time and efforts in fighting what's happening either via democratic or other means. 

All happy to put Kernow stickers on our cars, bellow out Trelawny and claim to be Cornish Celts but when it comes to making the hard decisions, to taking a stand, then watch as our 'strong identity' sheepishly walks away.

While the other nations in the UK are moving forward to greater autonomy we seem simply to be melting away into some amorphous South West or Devonwall region, and who is doing anything to stop it? I'd be interested to know.

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