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Abolish the Duchy Campaign

Republic are holding a meeting in Kernow to discuss their Abolish the Duchy of Cornwall campaign. The details of the meeting are here.  

Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith will be there to discuss the campaign. The meeting will be asked to make some decisions about the issues involved and what the aims of the Duchy campaign should be (for example, what should happen to the Duchy’s land? What should happen with Cornwall’s constitutional status?).

Can I invite all those interested in Cornish constitutional issues to go along with an open mind and the will to debate.

If, as is claimed by our constitutionalists, the Duchy is an all powerful legal entity that exists outside the UK's legal framework then I don't think it will have much to worry about from Republic. What the campaign will do however is draw the public’s attention toward the Duchy. It will give greater credence to the fact that the DoC is anything but a simple collection of private estates.

This wave of publicity could be used by a wise and well coordinated Cornish movement to forward its arguments in the public domain. Does such a movement exist? Already voices have been raised in protest on the Cornwall 24 forum at Republics "external interference" in Cornish affairs. From reading some of the comments on C24 you get the impression that some contributors think they can stop Republic or at least ignore them until they go away.

At the end of the day the campaign will go ahead whether the Cornish movement engages with it or not. We shouldn't shun Republic but rather pursue a polite yet firm dialogue with them that stresses Cornwall's right to constitutional recognition.

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