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Breton flag not welcome at the Olympics

It seems the control freaks responsible for security at the Games have decided to ban the national flag of Brittany.

If you are going to the Games consider showing a little solidarity with our sister nation and take along a Gwen ha Du.

Breton flag not welcome at the Olympics

It seems the control freaks responsible for security at the Games have decided to ban the national flag of Brittany.

If you are going to the Games consider showing a little solidarity with our sister nation and take along a Gwen ha Du.


Proud to be British?

Hope not hate are looking for your feedback again following the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. You can send then you thoughts here: HOPE not hate | Proud to be British? 

Ty Gwyr Gweryn sent back the following. I hope it inspires others to comment.

Dear Nick, 

Many thanks for your latest email and I must certainly confess to supporting the concept of Hope not Hate. However, I have to do this from a position where my own identity is officially suppressed by lies and propaganda, by the Crown, and State, as to where I fit into the scheme of things.

I consider myself to be first and foremost a Cornishman. It is a historical identity, and nationality, that I have to constantly defend against those that arrogantly deny as existing, or ever existing. This is because of a clear case of collusion between past Monarchs and Dukes of Cornwall that have suppressed the true constitutional status of Cornwall as a Royal Duchy and by some illegal chicanery reduced the status of Cornwall to a de facto administrative English county. Whilst instituted in the past. it is a process, which can only be equated to a process of Cornish Genocide, that is being perpetrated today by the two people that are currently holding those constitutional positions and institutionalised by the actions of 'The State'. 

Am I proud to be British? NO! I am proud to be Cornish. 'British' is not a national identity, it is a citizenship of a multi-national State. An Imperial political construct that by its very nature seeks to undermine the indigenous nations of this Island. Its existing constitution is hegemonic and flawed and requires re-addressing to make it fair and equitable to all in an open and transparent way. Let me reinforce my position that I do not Hate, but the actions of 'the State' towards the Cornish people and nation, do not lead me to think of it kindly. 

There is a lot that I could say, but would serve no useful purpose, but there were a number of references that exposed the Anglocentric outpourings of the event to reflect more this Sceptred Isle than Britain. With regard to the Olympics as an event: I have every regard for sports people and athletes and what they can offer the world and I wish that everyone of the participants may achieve the best that they are able. All the hype I find quite disingenuous, but probably necessary. 

I wish you and Hope not Hate well, but there is a lot of ground to cover.


Trelawney Alliance new website

The Trelawney Alliance is administered by a Committee under the Chairmanship of Jean Charman to forward democratic opinions about intended developments with the ultimate aim of getting unnecessary plans overturned. We say NO to the proposed mass build of 48,200 new homes in Cornwall, but YES to affordable homes and social housing for local people. It is time to tell the developers that!


The 2012 Human Rights Tour coming to Kernow

The 2012 Human Rights Tour organised by the British Institute of Human Rights is coming to Cornwall. The event will be held on the 20th of September, Truro Town Hall, Municipal Buildings, Boscawen Street, Truro, TR1 2NE. 

Human Rights are for everyone.

Human Rights are the result of centuries of struggle, by groups and individuals who suffered persecution or neglect at the hands of an often all too powerful state. 

Human Rights became international law after the horrors of World War II when, thanks to the advocacy of civil society, the international community adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Human Rights are under attack. Too many of our political leaders and some sections of the media want to go backwards, not forwards. 

Join the fight back at the BIHR 2012 Human Rights Tour – coming soon to a city near you! 

Human Rights go to the heart of the kind of society we want to be. Learn more, and get involved, at the 2012 Human Rights Tour.

Places are limited so please book early! We may need to limit the number of representatives from one organisation if demand is high and we would also ask that you contact us if you are booked on and find you are unable to attend. This will allow us to admit people on the waiting list.  

Please note that you will not be able to attend without having booked on in advance. Please contact Sophie Howes at showes@bihr.org.uk if you have any questions about the Human Rights Tour.


How Democratic is the UK?

How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit produced by the Democratic Audit is now out. Sadly next to no mention is made of the Cornish autonomy movement, national identity or constitutional position.

Equally the '3 Celtic nations' - Scotland, Wales and the British controlled bit of Ireland - are often mentioned when any impartial observer provided with all information could only conclude that there is a fourth 'Celtic' national identity in the UK. 

The only reference I've found so far is: "It should also be noted that, within England, support exists within some areas - in particular Cornwall - for the introduction of devolved arrangements of some kind". Which it must be said is 100% better than the last audit. 

Has the Cornish movement failed to communicate its, and the Cornish questions, existence to yet another well meaning but poorly informed organisation or has the Democratic Audit chosen to gloss over inconvenient Cornwall?


A British Future but without the Cornish?

British Future describe themselves as "a new independent, non-partisan think-tank seeking to involve people in an open conversation, which addresses people’s hopes and fears about identity and integration, migration and opportunity, so that we feel confident about Britain’s Future.

"We want to ensure that we engage those who are anxious about cultural identity and economic opportunity in Britain today, as well as those who already feel confident about our society, so that we can together identify workable solutions to make Britain the country we want to live in".

Non-partisan? Is the default position of British nationalism non-partisan? Anyway, under the heading 'what we do' they claim a belief in "building a modern British identity which helps us to build an inclusive citizenship, where we can all be confident about who we are, and which recognises the national and local identities we hold in Britain today too". 

Great! So British Future is interested in the actual national identities people hold in their hearts in the UK today. This must surely include the Cornish national identity then? At last a think-tank actually curious about the real grass-roots national identities people perceive themselves to have rather than just the state sanctioned ones.

Well no actually. Even though they have been reminded of the Cornish question on a number of occasions nothing can be found on their website.

A significant number of people in Cornwall and further afield consider themselves to be of Cornish nationality and/or ethnicity. British Future, like any number of other well meaning organisations in the UK, is complicit with the Anglo-British establishment in denying the Cornish recognition as a legitimate national group. Why should this be? I'd be interested to have a candid response from British Future as to why Cornish nationality is not welcomed as part of their British cultural tapestry.

Suggested reading:

The Cornish National Minority Report 2 - Including the Cornish – a unique case for recognition - Synsyans an Gernowyon – kas unnik rag aswonnvos

Ethnic Minorities: Concept and Meaning - Philip Payton Institute of Cornish Studies, University of Exeter ‘Inconvenient Peripheries: Ethnic Identity and the “United Kingdom Estate” – The cases of “Protestant Ulster” and Cornwall’


Cornwall is not England T-shirts

For all those who wish to show their support for the Cornish nation. £7.99+ £2.00 postage and packing from MK Merchandise, 14 Pendarves St, Troon nr Camborne, CORNWALL TR14 9EG.


Making our Cornish society richer, fairer, stronger, brighter

You can read here a recent article, No One Is Free Until Everyone Is Free by Mark Wilson, which started out, frankly, being pretty defamatory of the Cornish cause in general but then, with a little help and good-will, was re-written as a much more balanced and thought provoking piece on the possible inter-relations of nationalism, anti-racism and racist abuse in Cornwall. The title, by the way, quotes Fannie Lou Hamer of the US civil rights movement.

In a chilling coincidence, while this article was being debated, the very same long-suffering institution in Cornwall which the article discussed, which seems to have been made a scapegoat or lightning rod over recent years, was again targeted by cowardly runts spraying absurd hostile graffiti. God knows those targeted deserve some peace and quiet to pass traditions on from grandmother to daughter, grandfather to son, just the same as every one of the rest of us. 

So what is the situation regarding racist incidents in Cornwall ? Looking at statistics of reported racist incidents by police force in England, Wales and Cornwall, and the population within each force's jurisdiction, we can calculate the ratio of incidents per capita population in each police force's area. Then we can rank them in order, where "good" is the least number of reported incidents per capita. If we do that, Cornwall and Devon comes 18th out of 43, worse than Lancashire or Greater Manchester, better than Gwent or Kent (Leicestershire coming out best, City of London worst). It'd be daft to rely on statistics to assess the real decency of everyday conduct, but clearly 18th is not good enough for Cornwall. Without wanting to slope shoulders from a position of ignorance and dump the blame elsewhere (cos we Cornish have already had enough of that sort of slander ourselves from outside Cornwall), although Cornwall & Devon police have not broken down stats by county (sic), evidence suggests that large urban centres outside Cornwall may be hot spots, such as Plymouth. Recent figures about racist incidents reported in schools imply something similar - and underline the importance of helping young people learn how to deal fairly with diversity in their minds and actions. 

These figures probably ignore the elephant in the Cornish room, namely racism based not on colour but culture, but in any case there's no room for complacency in Cornwall. Justice demands that everyone in the Cornish movement do as they would be done by, at home or abroad, and encourage in their own and others' hearts the smelting of intolerance, moulding it into the will to engage with the differences of others in ways which will make our Cornish society richer, fairer, stronger, brighter.

The above contributed by a CRB reader.

Interesting to note that following the large scale condemnation by the Cornish movement of the first round of racist incidents at Quenchwell  the thin façade of Cornish nationalism has been dropped by the eloquently described 'cowardly runts'. Their true colours, white anglo-supremacist and British nationalist, can now be seen by all. I call on the all those in the Cornish nationalist movement to maintain and strengthen the unity against fascism.


Abolish the Duchy Campaign

Republic are holding a meeting in Kernow to discuss their Abolish the Duchy of Cornwall campaign. The details of the meeting are here.  

Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith will be there to discuss the campaign. The meeting will be asked to make some decisions about the issues involved and what the aims of the Duchy campaign should be (for example, what should happen to the Duchy’s land? What should happen with Cornwall’s constitutional status?).

Can I invite all those interested in Cornish constitutional issues to go along with an open mind and the will to debate.

If, as is claimed by our constitutionalists, the Duchy is an all powerful legal entity that exists outside the UK's legal framework then I don't think it will have much to worry about from Republic. What the campaign will do however is draw the public’s attention toward the Duchy. It will give greater credence to the fact that the DoC is anything but a simple collection of private estates.

This wave of publicity could be used by a wise and well coordinated Cornish movement to forward its arguments in the public domain. Does such a movement exist? Already voices have been raised in protest on the Cornwall 24 forum at Republics "external interference" in Cornish affairs. From reading some of the comments on C24 you get the impression that some contributors think they can stop Republic or at least ignore them until they go away.

At the end of the day the campaign will go ahead whether the Cornish movement engages with it or not. We shouldn't shun Republic but rather pursue a polite yet firm dialogue with them that stresses Cornwall's right to constitutional recognition.


Scotland could compete in new Celtic Nations Cup in Brittany

Even if Kernow doesn't get to compete we still a mention: Brittany is one of the six Celtic regions in Western Europe, the others being Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Cornwall.

Scotland could compete in new Celtic Nations Cup in Brittany

Even if Kernow doesn't get to compete we still a mention: Brittany is one of the six Celtic regions in Western Europe, the others being Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Cornwall.


HOPE not hate can't see the Cornish

The HOPE not hate -Proud to be British?- survey results our out and can be found here

Sadly the organisers have not seen fit to give any recognition to the Cornish national identity expressed by respondents to their survey. 

How many of the 2,900 people who filled out they survey claimed to be Cornish and why are we not allowed to know? Isn't this just a little discriminatory against the Cornish national identity? 

Why not leave a comment on their blog asking for some details.


Kendal'ch Keltiek Gwengamp 2012 - The International Celtic Congress in Brittany

The International Celtic Congress will hold its anual event in Guingamp Brittany this year. Hope to see some of you there.

Kendal'ch Keltiek Gwengamp 2012 - The International Celtic Congress in Brittany

The International Celtic Congress will hold its anual event in Guingamp Brittany this year. Hope to see some of you there.


Is Cornish nationalism a joke?

As Mebyon Kernow party leader has pointed out Cornwall is to be totally ignored when the House of Lords is reformed. This follows hot on the heals of the Devonwall constituency, Devonwall police commissioner, a South West Euro-constituency and a long list of other assaults on our identity and territorial integrity. 

Whilst some nationalists get dewy eyed about the flying of a Cornish flag on the Queens barge, which might or might not have been some kind of recognition, in reality we are getting screwed in a way no nation should tolerate. Which begs the question....

None of this would have happened in Wales or Scotland. Why? The sobering response is because Cornish nationalism, and hence the Cornish nation, are ultimately ignorable. Not enough people from Cornwall are prepared to invest their time and efforts in fighting what's happening either via democratic or other means. 

All happy to put Kernow stickers on our cars, bellow out Trelawny and claim to be Cornish Celts but when it comes to making the hard decisions, to taking a stand, then watch as our 'strong identity' sheepishly walks away.

While the other nations in the UK are moving forward to greater autonomy we seem simply to be melting away into some amorphous South West or Devonwall region, and who is doing anything to stop it? I'd be interested to know.