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Too little, too late

Lets not be bought off by symbolic gestures empty of any real hope for Cornwall. 

We've been here before haven't we? Yet another attempt by the establishment to flatter the Cornish national identity but leading to what exactly? Can we now expect a Cornish assembly and inclusion in the framework convention for the protection of national minorities? Perhaps a Cornish-based educational curriculum in our schools and full public inquiry into the constitutional position of the Duchy are in the pipe line?  At least we can hope for an end to the threat that hovers over our border with England in the shape of constituency reform?

I won't be holding my breath.

The royals via the despicable Duchy have pumped Cornwall of its resources and now that the well has dried up they pillage our identity to sell biscuits. To hell with them!

Good on the members of the Kernow branch of the Celtic League who attended the Republic rally in London. Now is not the time to get dewy eyed about the Monarchy. Republicanism is the only answer. The Duchy must be liquidated with its constitutional powers being given to a devolved Cornish assembly and its assets invested for the people of Cornwall.

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