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The UDB enters Parliament

Great news in from the French parliamentary elections with the victory of Paol Molac, UDB member and chairman of Div Yezh organisation.

Equally the Breton speaking Jean Luc Bleunven (Parti Socialist), who’s children attend Diwan schools, was elected for Brest whilst Jean-Jacques Urvoas (PS) who supports the official recognition of Breton, was elected deputy for Kemper. 

Breton have also gone to Paris to take up roles in the new socialist government. Marylise le Branchu (PS) comes in as Minister for Decentralisation, with the Breton regional president and language supporter, Jean Yves le Drian (PS), in as Minister for Defence. 

Autonomists Femu Corse were unlucky not to win seats with Angelini and Simeoni both coming a close second in Corsica. Alsacian Armand Jung, who has defended 'regional' languages in parliament, returns for Strasbourg. Martinique also returned two independentist deputies, Alfred Marie-Jeanne and Jean Phillippe Nilor. Two of the four seats in on the Island are now held by independentists!  

To give you an idea of the victory from a Cornish perspective imagine if, supported by Labour and the Greens, Dick Coles was elected MP whilst Andrew George was given responsibility for devolution in the UK.

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