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Mebyon Kernow for hope not hate

Why do some peddle the myth that being pro-Welsh independence means you're anti-English? English for Plaid.

Mebyon Kernow and the wider Cornish movement also suffer from the same misconceptions fed, undoubtedly, by the same two faced politicking of LibLabCon. 

First all nationalists are portrayed as rabid xenophobes cut from the same cloth as the BNP and second defending Cornwall or Cornish culture automatically means one is anti-English. Such are the labels the UK centralist parties want to stick on us. 

The initiative from Plaid linked to above is an interesting effort to counter such propaganda and one that MK should take note of. Why not go a step further and engage with an organisation like Hope not Hate? At least put a badge for their website on the MK homepage making it clear where we stand.

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