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Regional Devolution by the Democratic Reform Party

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each have their own Parliament or Assembly with powers over education, health and other areas. But MPs from these devolved nations can still vote on laws that apply solely in England, where English MPs cannot do the reverse. 

Controversial laws on fees for English universities, foundation hospitals and the third runway at Heathrow have been passed thanks to the votes of non‐English MPs. However to create an English Assembly would ignore the fact that 5/6ths of all UK citizens live in England, and it would also ignore the calls for further decentralisation. England does not have an homogenise society, and nor do all English people share the same concerns.  

Indeed, Cornwall has a long established claim to being a nation in its own right with a nationalist movement demanding recognition. 

There are also some regions that have a strong cultural identity where the people believe that they can organise their local affairs much more productively than our current centralised system. 

We propose that that the people should decide where power lies. That’s why we pledge to hold referenda in all regions/nations requesting one as to whether or not a regional/national assembly should be established. The powers invested in these assemblies will be negotiated between the newly formed assembly and Westminster based on the principle of subsidiarity (the principle that power be held at its lowest possible level).” This is not about breaking up our union; it’s about making it stronger, fairer, more democratic and more balanced.

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