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Kernow Calling

A new pressure group -Kernow Calling- is trying to take off and has set up a presence on Facebook inviting one and all to get involved. 

They write: Kernow Calling are a pressure group newly set up after years of planning and ideas come together. The whole purpose of the group is to include everyone in Cornwall regardless of nationality, ethnicity, age or membership of other Cornish organisations.

Some quick pieces of advice to them then. Take your time before you make public statements on your Facebook  page. Read and re-read everything before making it public. Define your objectives clearly and keep them simple. Don't tie yourself to any existing party or organisation. Your support for MK is laudable but you can support them by joining them or Kernow X. A pressure group should stay, as far as its remit allows, open to people from all parties or none.  Perhaps look to other stateless nations for examples of pressure groups and the actions they take.

Best of luck.

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