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The Federalist Party on Cornwall

The UK is and always has been a profoundly unequal union.  

Although the late 1990s saw gigantic strides forwards in Scotland and to a lesser extent in Wales and Northern Ireland, England as a result has found itself in an unusual position, no longer dominating the UK in the way it once did, but also lacking political institutions to call its own. It is abundantly clear that we are witnessing a resurgence in English identity which until now had largely remained confined to football and rugby stadiums. At the same time the institutions established in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different powers and areas of responsibility. Cornwall, an historic nation with solid cultural and statutory grounds to claim equality alongside Scotland and Wales has been ignored to such an extent that it isn’t considered to hold any more than its de facto status as an English county. 

Now for some wishful thinking but couldn't such federalists along with the various grass-roots English regionalists and reformers like the Democratic Reform Party create something new and interesting together?

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