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Some revolutionary songs in Breton, French and English

Some revolutionary songs in Breton, French and English


Likes and dislikes with Liam and Luke

You can find more form these two on YouTube.


The future of the Union: an invitation for a Cornish perspective

Cameron and the future of the Union: a forum | openDemocracy. The Prime Minister's Edinburgh speech on the Union marks a turning point in British politics. It acknowledges that the Scottish Parliament will call a referendum on whether Scotland should be independent and sets out a case for the Union, raising huge issues of cultures, identities and prospects for the UK. What is your response? Ideal length is 250 words. Please send them to Niki Seth Smith (niki.sethsmith at opendemocracy.net). 

One more chance to put across a pro-Cornish point of view in the growing debate surrounding Scotland and the future of the UK. Don't let Unionists and hostile English nationalists sideline our just demands. Get writing and contact Open Democracy.


Basques think of introducing own alternative currency to promote ecology, solidarity and local economy

Following on from blogs here about the potential benefits of a local currency system for Cornwall (or smaller communities therein) some news from the Basque Country: Basques think of introducing own alternative currency to promote ecology, solidarity and local economy.


Getting a foot in the door

The debate around the future of the UK is raging. How best can we ensure the Cornish questions is included and justly addressed in this conversation?

The Internet is one of many options but still underused by the Cornish movement. Mebyon Kernow and the Cornish Constitutional Convention should be mentioned for their tentative efforts on Facebook and Twitter (@CornishAssembly @MebyonKernow) but where are the other groups? On the legion of press articles about the UK and Home Nations that can be found on the web today rare it seems are Cornish comments.

Cornish campaigners should be monitoring the media and ensuring that our point of view is included wherever possible. A feed aggregator (Site here) of relevant news stories, useful in finding places for comment, is run by an English nationalist blogger. The site provides a list of articles updated daily where Cornish comments and debate should be encouraged. Couldn't we run such a list that would give Cornish activits a starting point for engaging the media? At the moment the pro-Cornish web presence seems to be moving at an inadequate speed for the pace of the actual UK debate.