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Jonathan Edwards MP - » Araith Mebyon Kernow – Unionism in Crisis

Gyfeillion, mae’n bleser cael bod yma fel cynrychiolydd plaid Genedlaethol Cymru yng nghynadledd plaid Genedlaethol Cernyw.

 Friends, it’s a pleasure to be here this afternoon representing the national party of Wales in the annual conference of the national party of Cornwall. And especially to be with you to help celebrate your 60th birthday.

It’s a particular pleasure to be here as a relatively newly elected Member of the Westminster Parliament. I send greetings on behalf of the Plaid – SNP parliamentary group.

We have recently been joined by Caroline Lucas the Green MP. With Scottish independence imminent, we are looking forward to the day when Mebyon Kernow Members of Parliament will join the group to make up for the six SNP Members we are about to lose!

In preparation for your arrival I should offer one word of warning. Westminster is a strange place for any nationalist. It is literally the belly of the beast. Aneurin Bevan used to remark how many a socialist would be seduced by the architecture of the palace – the high ceilings and large windows – how any individual entering that place feels extremely small and finds their core beliefs being compressed out of them. In the end it’s often easier to conform and become a mouthpiece for the establishment. It’s no surprise that many of the forbearers who went before me from the valleys of the South Wales coalfield representing the British Labour party quickly found themselves losing their accents and any sense of political radicalism.

Read the rest here: Jonathan Edwards MP - » Araith Mebyon Kernow – Unionism in Crisis Sat. November 19, 2011

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