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The Reunited Nations

UK citizens reject 'British' label, Guardian survey finds: Another 1,309 people chose other, particularly in Cornwall, where there is a home rule and Cornish language movement principally led by the pro-devolution group Mebyon Kernow, which has 22 local councillors across the county.The eastern edge of the "other" dots in the south-west of England closely follows the line of the Tamar river, the historic boundary between Cornwall and the rest of England.

Not county but Celtic nation, constitutional Duchy and most certainly next to England not part of it. Ho hum, much work still to be done. 

Above is the result, with relevant Cornish quotation, from the Guardians survey on national identity blogged about here. The original title of the Guardian series that this survey is part of is 'Disunited Kingdom'. Of course I see the reason for their choice of title but aren't they being overwhelmingly negative about the increase in democracy and freedom that our Celtic push for national self-determination has brought and will continue to deliver? 

Instead why not 'The Reunited Nations' as a title to represent the hope of one day seeing all the nations of these isles independent yet side by side, partners, in a social, ecological  and federal Europe.

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