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To be or not to be Devonwallians?

Anger over Commons boundary changes. Is our future to be part of a Devonwall region? It's up to the people of Cornwall to decide that but at the moment, acknowledging the low level of political pro-Cornish engagement, I have to admit that I'm struggling to be optimistic.

Whether we admit a clear Devonwall agenda amongst the decision makers in London it cannot be denied that over the years there has been a tendency to fuse administration and services from Cornwall and Devon, often to the benefit of the latter i.e skilled jobs exiting Kernow for the benefit of Devonshire's cities. A brief history of Devonwall can be found here

Cornwall's police force was fused with that of Devon's seeing policing jobs cross the Tamar - that story is far from over. Many Cornish postcodes are now based around Plymouth and Exeter. Today we see the Boundary Commission for 'England' creating a Cornwall and Devon sub region (pdf) for the purposes of allocating MP constituencies to the Duchy and England's most southwesterly county resulting in a cross Tamar Devonwall constituency. Our millennial border with England, along with our Cornish identity, counts for little in Westminster. All this adds up to a progressive administrative fusioning of Cornwall with Devon resulting in Kernow becoming little more than a territory administered from cities in England.

And what of our Cornish MPs all now in the heart of government? All of them swore to protect our border until that is, with one exception, they voted for a Devonwall constituency. The exception, Andrew George, effectively abstained by voting for and against.

Do we want skilled and qualified jobs in Cornwall or, rather, in Exeter and Plymouth? Do we want Cornwall to have a greater say over its own affairs? Do we want Cornwall's territory, identity and culture respected and protected? Only you, the residents of our little Celtic nation, can decide these things but I'll say that you need to decide soon before its far to late.

For what its worth we can let the Boundary Commission know what we think about Devonwall. Details of how to contact them can be found here on Dick Coles blog. Please do write/email them but I can't help feeling much stronger actions will be required to stop Westminster from erasing Kernow. Where are Cornish Solidarity when you need them with their vow "to return to fight any attempt to attack or alter Cornwalls ethnic diversity, boundaries or status"?

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