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Scottish, Welsh and British republicans?

So there are Republic Wales and Republic Scotland campaign groups now as well as the UK wide Republic group, but why no Republic England (or Six Counties)? Or, from another angle, why the specific Welsh and Scottish groups? 

I'll see if I can get an answer from Republic because at the moment it looks like they are playing a two-faced game with national sentiment. Either you set up Republican groups for all the home nations - and I would of course include Cornwall in this - or you don't and you stick to one UK wide group.

Coming back to Cornwall. If there is one region (nation) of the UK that has a very specific and murky relationship with the Monarchy then it is Kernow. Hence the need for a dedicated Republic Cornwall group to shed light on the dirty dealings of the Duke and the feudal laws that can have such influence on the democratic decision making process.

As a footnote. A new Republican Party of Great Britain has been launched but they seem of little interest to Cornish campaigners. Their idea of devolution is to a massive South England region. 

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