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Cornish and Bretons unite!

This - Cornish and Bretons unite for energy plan - sounds like a very positive project indeed. Lets hope it provides employment for local Breton and Cornish residents rather than experts parachuted in for the task.

Of course given much more autonomy from London and Paris both Kernow (Cornwall) and  Breizh (Brittany) would be free to pursue all manner of projects together to the benefit of our economies, cultures and shared environment. Wouldn't it also be far better for Cornwall to have its own university, rather than the annex of Exeter Uni we have at the moment, working as a full partner in this and other projects.

Beware Devonwall and South West regionalism. For projects as above both these regional schemes would see Kernow totally bypassed in favour of cities, industries and jobs in Devon and beyond. Beware equally of equating Cornwall to just the Finistère département of Brittany. Cornwall and Brittany should stand together as equals - both Celtic nations. Cornwall is not the equivalent of merely a département (county) of Brittany. 

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