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St Pirans day bank holiday - update

I'm stealing a chance to do some blogging here in my life which has suddenly become full of things to do. Yes, a bank holiday for St Pirans day, but it will only be realised if we put constant and unrelenting pressure on our elected representatives. A few letters to the papers wouldn't hurt as well. The Tories want to see the end of a May Day bank holiday and St Georges day is the favourite for England (and Cornwall).

The arguments for a St Pirans day holiday and responses to its critics need to be listed and then sent by all to all.

Some interesting comments from C24 can be found here: What does concern me is whether or not full council will vote for a bank holiday. It only got through in committee thanks to the chairperson's deciding vote, and already the umm-ers and the arr-ers at Lys Kernow are making noises, such as Steve Double and Andrew "on the fence" Wallis. They say it won't work because what if schools didn't have a day off when workplaces did? Erm, it's a bank holiday, the schools would be off!

And what about the chaos there would be with Cornwall not at work and the rest of the UK at work? Like the chaos there is on St Andrew's Day, or St Patrick's Day. And as we all know, the world's financial markets take a nosedive every time the NYSE closes for a public holiday...

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