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The 2nd Cornish Minority Report

The 2nd Cornish Minority Report.pdf.  To be read and fully digested!

Now my advice to people would be to e-mail and/or send by letter this report to every NGO, political party, news paper, individual politician, foreign government and resident of Cornwall (we can probably add a few other destinations) under the sun. Post it on every forum, Twitter account and Facebook page you can find.

I won't be as I feel I've done my fair share for a while now and I'm simply too busy with my move to Brittany.

For those wet blankets out there who are rumbling to themselves that its 'a waste of time' because 'only the duchy route will work' or 'only getting MK elected will work' or any other numskull excuse for sitting on their arses, then just you keep consoling yourselves that only you know the truth. Now, back to packing boxes and such.

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