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One & All Radio Programme, Source FM

One and All broadcasts on the Source FM out of Falmouth and via Tremough University on Monday mornings from 9AM to 11AM.

The programme is produced and presented by Tony Leamon and Mike Chappell of the Celtic League and due to the enormous support it has received following less than a year of broadcasting it recently received a Radio Award for 'Most Innovative New Programme'.

The programme is broadcast on 96.1FM and for those out of range (there are a considerable number of overseas and faraway listeners) it can be heard on line here.

There are numerous ways to contact the programme:

You can ring us live during the show on 01326 219020, or email us at kernow@celticleague.net you can also leave comments on the aforementioned Source Website. If you are listening to us live why not text us on 07858 3678 43. One and All also has its own Facebook site.

The programme welcomes input on issues and material concerning Cornwall and the other Celtic Nations. Poetry, books, politics, music, local businesses, live interviews, opinions, news, events anything. We are not afraid to project the fact that Cornwall is a Country and the Cornish people are a National Minority with Celtic roots. We are prepared to interview any politician prepared to speak to us and have already broadcast tough questions asked of several of our MWPs. Contact us.

This Monday 2nd. our small research team have gathered outspoken comment from about the globe on the recent 'Royal' wedding, we hope to be interviewing that great Cornish speaker, author and historian, Craig Weatherhill as well as Kat Jackson a young Cornish businesswoman setting up business right here in this Country. This to be accompanied by the usual range of Cornish and Celtic music.

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