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Time to relocalise

With both fossil and nuclear fuels looking less likely by the day to offer us any kind of future perhaps it's an auspicious moment to highlight the work of the Transition Cornwall Network.

You don't have to accept climate-change or peak-oil to acknowledge the benefits for Cornwall of a comprehensive relocalisation of economy and infrastructure into the Duchy.

What is relocalization? Relocalization is a strategy to build societies based on the local production of food, energy and goods, and the local development of currency, governance and culture. The main goals of relocalization are to increase community energy security, to strengthen local economies, and to improve environmental conditions and social equity. The relocalization strategy developed in response to the environmental, social, political and economic impacts of global over-reliance on cheap energy.

Something there to interest Cornish farmers, fishermen and other producers perhaps. Such a relocalised society with an economy brought closer to home would go hand in glove with greater Cornish home-rule. To move towards an new form of society that is both more resilient and has less impact on the environment - do we really have any other choice left? Read more here: The Transition Handbook

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