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Radio Free Cornwall and other developments

Radio Free Cornwall on Facebook. Please join and let others know. I can invite other users as admin and I'm open to making it collaborative so let me know if you're interested.

Other developments in the Cornu-blogosphere include: Indigenous Tweets - a site that allows you to find other Cornish speakers on twitter. The site also caters for a growing number of other minority and indigenous languages. A nod to Breton and Welsh tweeps here. How bout the same for Cornish Dialect users?

Mebyon Kernow now have a website running for Illogan. Good idea, now how about other MK personalities creating their own blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. They are free and so easy to set up and run that it seems a wasted opportunity not to do so. If time is a problem you can set up your blog so that once you've posted an article it's automatically shared on Twitter and Facebook. I'd be more than happy to help anyone do this. 

Finally two new pro-Cornish blogs to be born are Our Cornwall and Save Cornwall.

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