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The English Broadcasting Corporation

BBC News - English Democrats want vote on Monmouthshire Welshness. Of course! The BBC would never miss the chance to promote a minor English nationalist party with dubious connections to the British far-right would they?

When can we expect the BBC to write about the Cornish movement or a Mebyon Kernow campaign in this way? Will they ever undertake a serious and impartial investigation into the Duchy and its constitutional status? You know? Do some journalism... Won't be holding my breath.

Anyway, as can be seen here the 'impartial and non-party political' Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) jumped on the story and fed it to all its members and followers. Is this really an issue for the CEP to be dealing with? Of course not. The only reason it gets any coverage from them is the preponderance of English Democrats in the CEP's membership. When I pointed this out on their blog my comments lasted all of 15 minutes. English free speech? Not for those who cut too close to the bone. My exact words were:

There are serious constitutional and cultural questions over Cornwall's status as an administrative and ceremonial county of England but can we expect the EDP to call for a referendum on this and then the CEP to spread the story around the net and to all its members? Of course not. Two-faced reactionary nationalists. The EDP, and their shady connections to the British far-right, are a shame on the English nation and the CEP seems to do more than its fair share to promote this disagreeable little party. Why? Is it because the CEP is dominated by EDP members? Lets have a look at some membership statistics. Surely the English people deserve to know.

Among moderate English nationalists and the likes of UKIP there appears to be a consensus that, due to their collaboration with racist far-right parties, the English Democrats are simply not frequentable. Have the CEP heard? Do they care? Perhaps the will also be blogging articles from the BNP and EDL as long as they pander to aggressive imperialistic English nationalism. Equally, when it comes to a land grab in Wales the CEP, the 'impartial and non-party political' paragons of democracy and fair-play that they are, clearly can't help but rub their hands together in glee. Does this display of English fair-play extend to the Cornish question? Don't be silly. Democracy is only welcomed by the CEP when it comes to carving off a piece of someone elses country - absolutely not when it comes to the possibility of loosing a part of their own. 

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