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The English are not the enemy

The English are not our enemy. The English are our neighbours and our friends down the pub. They are our lovers, partners, work colleagues, family, customers, fellow union members and much much more besides. The Cornish are partly English and the English are partly Cornish. Together we are all clinging on to this crazy roller-coaster of existence.

LibConDem politicians who swear blind that they will protect Cornwall only to vote for Devonwall, along with the vast majority of the rest of their coalition, deserve nothing but contempt. A Duke that abuses our constitution for his personal comfort should be the focus of all our anger. Central governments that direct their Anglo-British nationalism at us and hammer us with South West or Devonwall regionalism should be given no quarter. Policies that see services and skilled jobs drained out of Kernow for the benefit of cities in England must be resisted. If we have an enemy it's the establishment that refuses our rights. It's those that wish to force Cornwall into an English county box and consign our culture and history to oblivion.

The vast majority of English people however have no idea about the Cornish question. If they did, if they had all the facts, I suspect they would be supportive more than anything. After all, how could any right-thinking person want to deny the cultural and political rights of another?

Recording your ethnic and national identity as Cornish, and your country of birth as Cornwall, is not being anti-English, it's just being pro-Cornish. It is not an expression of anti-English sentiment and should not be seen as such. Writing in Cornish on the census is simply expressing that one thinks Cornish culture and identity deserves greater recognition and that the Kernow is special.

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