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Scotland, England and Britain: Gerry Hassan debates Nick Pearce

"The nature of the United Kingdom, the territorial dimensions of its politics, and the national questions of these isles are going to come to the fore of British politics in the next few years."

All very interesting reading and -having left my exploding pasty at home today- I'd just like to express my support for Gerry Hassan and his timely call for a post devolution, post imperialist, world vision and practice from Labour. Labour do need to address the national questions within these isles - this being an inevitable result of, not just devolution, but also the decolonisation of empire that preceded.

Perhaps the various Green parties are already well on their way to a post imperial politics for the Isles. Take for example the Green Islands Network. Far from perfect but still light-years ahead of Labour in its recognition of the distinct national questions. Labour must stop ignoring the Cornish question, a practice sadly common among English nationalists who now, of course, want the England question answered.

I leave you with a quote from a recent Wessex Regionalists blog:

"Labour once again bungled devolution, just as it did in 1979. This time it got Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London away but this was always the limit of its enthusiasm. It hitched itself to a set of unworkable regional boundaries inherited from the Tories, then deliberately obstructed grassroots movements in Cornwall, Mercia and Wessex pointing to a more promising way forward. In local government it refined the Tory policy of arrogant interference and dismantled public debate, substituting executive members and elected mayors for meaningful scrutiny and collective decision-making"

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