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Piss coloured politics

What do I mean by this? Got something to get of my chest? How about the following? Personally I've had enough of:

Lib Dems, comfortably in bed with the Tories in Westminster, but who show up to sleep-ins to protest at cuts to Cornish homeless services. These cuts having been decided by the LibConDems at a UK level and administered by their Tory allies in Kernow. What kind of opposition do they think they are providing?

Lib Dems, the self-proclaimed champions of radical electoral reform and PR, who sell out their principles for the non-reform of the Alternative Vote. Don't be fooled! This is a veneer of political reform from the establishment in its efforts to scrape back some credibility after the expenses scandal.

Lib DemsMP's who swear blind that they will vote against their government to protect Cornwall's territorial integrity, and who do so, just until it becomes a danger for their cushy careers in the party. When push comes to shove, they all toe the party line, and they'll continue doing so until Devonwall is a reality.

Lib Dems who call for Cornish devolution only for the vast majority of their party -MP's and Peers alike- to be indifferent at best, hostile Devonwallers at worst. The party allows a couple of Cornish MP's a long leash in Kernow to co-opt Cornish national sentiments, but that's all. THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS DO NOT SUPPORT CORNISH DEVOLUTION!

I was followed by a fascist British Nationalist on twitter a few days ago. Tell me what's worse? A simple-minded BNP supporter or the Lib Dems that makes his bed? The two-faced behaviour and lies of politicians -of all colours- disgusts the public and plays into the hands of extremists.

When you are called to vote on the AV referendum use the opportunity to express your disgust and spoil your ballot paper. Go to the polls but let them know what you think of them. I'll leave you with the words of Cornish Zetetics from the article - The Lib Dem legacy: deference and Devonwall:

So there’s only one thing left to do. Join me and spoil your paper. This would seem to call for a Facebook campaign. The experience of the last six months has shown that we don’t need leaders, and certainly not Lib Dem leaders. MK has decided to throw away the chance to channel the general disgust at this tawdry measure. So who’s going to kick it off? And what do we write on our voting papers?

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