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On race and nationality

Some thought provoking articles have been included at the bottom of this post. They're most definitely worth reading by Cornish campaigners interested in informed debate on identity and multiculturalism.

I can't speak for the whole Cornish movement but I think I'm safe in saying that the majority of nationalists want a culturally liberal society in which each citizen is free to celebrate his/her own identity without hindrance as long as this does not impinge on the freedom of others.

How could we want anything else in a world of such cultural fluidity where people and ideas are constantly crossing borders? How could I want anything different having mixed nationality parents, being in a mixed nationality couple myself and living outside the Duchy?

Even if it were possible, would anybody seriously want a mono-cultural Cornwall?

In parallel one of the Cornish movements primary aims must also be to ensure a secure future for indigenous Cornish culture. A fully devolved Cornish curriculum in schools for example is a must. From the last of the listed articles below I'll quote the following as pointer to the complexity of the situation before us:

It touches upon some of the big binaries in public policy and sociological analysis: universalism vs cultural relativism; individual vs collective rights; rights vs culture… and so on. This is often reduced to a question of how to ‘balance’ rights and culture

A situation in Cornwall even more complex due to the Cornish being a minority themselves. How best do you integrate new arrivals -new minorities- into a territory inhabited by an old -national- minority? Happy reading and all comments would be welcome.

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