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ePetition for St Piran

The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League contacted Konsel Kernow/Cornwall Council on 2nd February 2010 to request that the Council considers making the 5th March an annual holiday for its staff.

The letter argued that “as the main council in Cornwall, Cornwall Council should lead the way for other councils on this issue”, taking into consideration that a growing number of parish and town councils in Cornwall (eight so far) and Cornwall’s only city council have previously agreed to make the 5th March a public holiday.

In addition, it was pointed out that the Celtic League has been campaigning on this issue for about six years and that during that time we have been contacted by a number of councils who have said that after debating the request, they were supportive of the measure, but wanted to wait to see what support the campaign received from the other councils in Cornwall before committing themselves to making a positive decision.

Konsel Kernow/Cornwall Council acknowledged the receipt of our letter, which was passed on to the Department of the Chief Executive, who failed to respond to it.

Previous to the May 2010 elections all five of Cornwall’s Members of Parliament were supportive of St Piran’s day becoming a public holiday. In 2006 MP Dan Rogerson asked the UK Government to make St Piran’s Day a public holiday in Cornwall. The Kernow Branch of the Celtic League has written again to all the town councils in Cornwall in 2011 asking them again to support the campaign. We have also written to all of Cornwall’s Members of Parliament asking them to reaffirm/confirm their support, after the May 2010 general election.

We now want Konsel Kernow/Cornwall Council to vote in favour of Dydh Sen Peran/St Piran’s Day (5th March) becoming an annual public holiday in Cornwall and to make a recommendation to the UK Government to do the same.

Dy’ gool sen Peran! St Piran’s Day Holiday! Sign ePetition here

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